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I create easy-to-use websites for all kinds of people, nonprofit organizations and businesses. From portfolio sites for artists and athletes, list-building and content publishing sites, to ecommerce and product sites, I can create a great site for almost any purpose.

I use the excellent WordPress platform, which is so customizable and scalable, it can work for any application. Plus, it gives you an easy interface to make changes and add new stuff. It’s super easy for you to modify and add to your website, through the WordPress Dashboard. More than 30% of websites on the internet are currently using WordPress! 

Check out some of the sites I’ve made recently, and you’ll get an idea of what’s possible: Starting at $1700, my websites are affordable too!  And, I’m always available to help and support you.   I also provide extensive Website Care plans starting at $150/month  Use my contact form

, send an email or call.  I know I can get it done.

VLOG – On this website I will also be posting My You Tube videos. These videos will be Technology related like open box videos, tutorials, reviews and many other ideas.  If you have a technology question and would like a tutorial or a just a simple answer, please contact me.

FANTASY FOOTBALL – I have been playing fantasy football for over 15 years.  I will start posting fantasy football articles for the 2018 Season.  I will also produce a spreadsheet. I will have more information about that on the Fantasy Football page.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please reach out to me.   

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